Project X 19- Light Up The Night Shirt- Pre-Order

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**This is a Pre-Ordered Item- Orders must be placed by March 15th, 2019 ** Shirts will ship between April 1-15, 2019.**

NCL hosts a special Glow Party on the every sailing and we have created a limited edition Light Up The Night Shirt just for you! This Project X 19  Lights up in 6 phases and will dance with the beat of the music!

Designed by listener: What is happening Jayson!

The shirt uses an electroluminescent, or EL panel, that connects to a small battery pack. The shirts use ordinary, replaceable batteries to power the display. The sound activated shirts use 2 AAA batteries whereas our automatic flashing t-shirts use 2 AA batteries.


  • The T-shirt

    Our t-shirts are 100% cotton and specially made to have the sleeve and pocket for the battery pack. We do not use name brand t-shirts. We recommend black t-shirts because the light up design stands out more against the contrast, but you can choose between black and white shirts.

  • The Light Up Panel

    This is the “EL” Panel that is attached to the t-shirt. It is what your design is printed on. When you turn it on it will light up in different animations. The el panels can be attached with velcro or sewn on to the shirts directly. Light up t-shirts with sewn on panels are hand wash only whereas velcro allows you to peel off the panel and wash normally.

  • The Pocket For The Battery Pack

    There is a hidden pocket on the inside bottom left of the light up t-shirt for the battery pack to sit in. It is not too noticeable if you leave it in the pocket but you can also attach it to your belt buckle or put it in your pocket