Premium DNR Cruise Room Key Holder

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On the cruise your room key is everything! It is your room key, your credit card and your ID when you get off the ship. So it must be protected at all times.

However, the cruise lines have made it impossible to punch holes into their room keys to put them on your lanyard. But Derek and Romaine have found a work around.

We introduce to you a Premium DNR Cruise Room Key Holder.


It will be included in your cruise packet.


  • Quick Access: Practical thumb slot allows you to slide card in/out effortlessly with just one finger. Handy top-load design keeps card tightly in place to stop it from falling out.
  • Heavy Duty: Made of sturdy poly-carbonate material which is resistant to heat, wear or breaking. Effectively protect your cards from damage, bending or getting lost.
  • Crystal Clear: Well-built for maximal transparency which presents you with super clear visual effect. Easy to read or scan your cards without removing the card sleeve.
  • Easy to Carry: Handy to attach it to a lanyard or strap through the middle slot.